What is included in wedding golden jewelry set and why gold is used

What is included in wedding golden jewelry set and why gold is used?

The bride will receive golden jewelry in her wedding. That is a non-debatable tradition. For the Vietnamese, gold is the most used and most favorite for jewelry. But what constitutes a standard golden jewelry set for a wedding? And why should it be gold? Let’s find out with Vdes.

Why use Gold for wedding gift?

In many eastern cultures, including Vietnam, gold is often used for jewelry in wedding ceremonies, engagement ceremony (“an hoi”) and proposal ceremony (“dam ngo”). 24 carat gold (purest gold) is most preferred for this making the jewelry, which will be given to the bride as dowry when she leaves for the husband’s home. This present contains multiples and deep meanings.

In the wedding, gold is given by both families. Usually, the bride family, represented by the mother, will give her the gold jewelry before she leaves for the groom’s home, and the bride takes this as a pride to walk alongside with her life partner. Besides that, the jewelry is also given as present from the groom’s side, showing the welcome and willingness to receive her as a daughter and a part of their big family.

Therefore, the jewelry doesn’t just have a material meaning, which is to be the initial capital for the couple to build their new marriage life, but it also means a blessing from parents from both sides. That is why, giving golden jewelry is a widely adopted custom and is almost a must in every wedding.

What is a full set of golden jewelry?

Usually, a set of golden jewelry includes a golden ring, jewelry that the brides wears in the wedding, and gold wedding gift that the parents from both sides give to the couple.

The golden wedding ring

At the most holy moment where they both vowed to be each other’s for life, a wedding ring will be put onto the bride’s and groom’s finger. This is a promise, that they will care for and help each other through joy and tears, upturns and downturns of life.

It is not necessarily that the ring be made of gold; it can be made of white gold. To have a most suitable pair of rings, the couple need to spend time looking for the most suitable pair, even to order for a custom made pair of rings. Everything should be ready at least a month before the wedding day.

The jewelry set as dowry

Since the nature of dowry is gift to the couple, so the value of the dowry totally depends on the economic capability of the family. A full set should include: a golden bangle, a golden necklace, a golden bracelet, a pair of earrings.

Mostly people use 24k gold, but some families use 18k gold, which is also acceptable. Some families use other precious metals such as white gold, silver, and platin, which is also beautiful and can be used in everyday life.

The jewelry to wear in the wedding day

Aside from the dowry jewelry and the rings, the jewelry that the bride wears in her wedding is also very important. This set of jewelry includes necklace, earrings, bracelets, which will be picked personally by the bride. The bride should take into account factors such as costumes, skin tone, personal preference when making the decision.

Jewelry is an important part in a traditional Vietnamese wedding. To have a suitable wedding jewelry set, you should spend time and effort to learn about it. We hope the above sharing will help you better prepare for your wedding.