Wedding Invitations


In a time when work took most people’s time, preparing for a wedding and sending out invitations always make you worry the most. How to please the invitees, or how to ensure the invitation card gets to the right address, etc. Well, have a look below for “well-mannered” invitations that will eliminate your worries!

Invitations to the Elderlies

Usually, inviting the elderly while you don’t have time to send the invitation card or making the phone call makes the couple quite worry. Some that still have in mind the “traditional” way of thinking might find that they don’t receive appropriate respect. If you don’t know how to invite them, ask for help from your parents, or from elderlies in your family.

If your parents are also too busy and cannot make the phone call or pay a visit, you can say the invitation as follows: “Dear Sir/Madam/Uncle/Auntie, I’m about to get married. Because our parents are caught up in [some affairs that sounds reasonable] and can’t invite you themselves, on behalf of our parents, I would love to invite you to come to our wedding. That would be an honor for us to have you at our wedding. The invitation card will be sent to you later. Thank you.”

Inviting your family member

Of course, your wedding will be known to all of your family member, but it would be impolite if you don’t explicitly make the invitation.

You can simply say: “Brother/Sister dear, as you might have already known, our wedding will be on [date and time]. It would be lovely to have you guys at it.”

Inviting your Friends

As for friends and colleagues, if you have time, you should deliver the invitation card personally. You can invite a group of friends for a coffee and deliver them; that way, you can both have a good conversation while showing the politeness of the invitation. Be aware that “please contact [a mutual friend] to collect your invitation card}, as it would be quite disrespectful, especially for people who are a little bit “traditional”. Not to mention, the person who you ask to deliver the cards on your behalf forgets to deliver them (which would be a disaster).

If the person is physically far away, you should call or email something like: “Hey, [date and time] we are having our wedding. Since you are too far away to send the cards, we can only call you. We have asked [some mutual friend] to deliver it to you. I hope you can spend some time to join the wedding, as it would be very lovely for us. And just to make sure, we have already sent you the invitation via email.”

Some final notes on making invitations without sending the invitation cards

  • Make a list of those who are unable to deliver a card

  • Calling and emailing at least 2 weeks before the wedding

  • About a week before the wedding, call or email again to remind them

  • Make a plan to send the cards, make phone calls, send email

  • Try to send the cards to as many people as possible

Above are some ideas on how to make invitations without sending cards that are both polite and effective that Vdes want to share with you.