Some Tips on How to Have A Good Gate Picture

Some Tips on How to Have A Good Gate Picture

Taking pictures is always a hot topic for the bride and groom. Surfing through the internet, looking around forums and social media, there are many different opinions on this. One of the most asked questions is: how to take a good gate photo that will leave good impression on invitees.

What are options for Gate Picture?

Overall, there are two ways of taking gate photo: “traditional solemn” way and the “modern & fun” way.

The Traditional Photo

It is the kind of gate photo in which the bride wears a white wedding dress and the groom wears a vest, or both wear traditional clothes … with eyes facing the camera. Couples choose this option because it gives a solemn and decent impression, and it looks like “both are looking towards one future”. The traditional way can also help invitees who are not so familiar with either the bride or groom recognize the right wedding and come to the right place.

The “Modern & Fun” way

Aside from traditional way, many couples choose to take modern and creative gate photos, for it gives a sense of casual, cozy and creative. This method usually make other couples kind of excite and leaves everyone a lasting impression.

So, which way to choose?

Overall, traditional and modern gate photos both have their own strength. If traditional gives a sense of solemnity and polite, modern way creates a light mood and coziness.

People have different opinions on this, each of them prefers one way to another. It really comes down to what the couple really likes. Whichever way they choose, they should remember that this photo can be hung up in their bedroom, and so whichever they both like can work.

Also, sometimes it is the elderlies who prefers and suggest having a traditional gate photo. This is because in the invitees there may be many important guests that are their friends, who can have quite conservative mindset and opinions that can be very hard to predict. Of course, you can always adopt both styles.

Some notice when choosing the right photo

For traditional photos:

-          Both should face the direction of the camera, smile and show solemnity.

-          Body poses should be solemn, and clothes should be decent and polite.

-          Size of the photo should be 60x90 portrait, but you should consider the size in relative to the size of your bedroom so that you can hang it upon the wall later on.

For modern photos:

-          Bride and groom can do every adorable thing to each other, with light hearted attitude and loose mood, with no specific rules.

-          It can be either just the faces, or the whole body.

-          The outfit can be anything from formal to smart casual, even jeans and t-shirts would do.

-          It can either be landscape or portrait, bigger or smaller than 60x90 cm.

Choosing the right gate picture that leaves a good impression is relatively easy but time consuming. As long as you like it and think that it is decent, you can choose it, because it is the picture that will follow you to your marriage life, and one of the symbol of your love.