Losing Wedding Ring VDEs

The Wedding Ring is the symbol of Loyalty between husband and wife. It’s presence, on the bearer’s left ring finger, reminds each of the other, of the ‘til-death-do-us-part’ vow that they together undertook, that they shall devote to each other their life whole and their heart entire.

And how would you feel if one day, the ring goes missing? Would that be considered a bad omen? A bad sign that foretells the future? VDES has something to share with you in this article.

The Ring, and its Meaning

The ring has its origin in Greece and ancient Egypt. On the wedding day, the ancient Greek and Egyptians used a round object to symbolize the bonding of the newly-wed couple (which is often made of reeds, papyrus, animal skin, or elephant tusk). Initially, the custom is that only the bride receives a ring; however, some time later, the groom also receives a ring from his bride. As time goes by, the rings are nowadays a custom in every wedding.

Round objects are chosen because, on it, every point is a beginning and no point is an ending. That special feature makes it a symbol of marriage – wherever one goes, whatever one encounters, one will always belong to another, and the two will together walk through life.

The ring may be a small object, but it carries a huge spirit of responsibility. It serves as a “mark” of ownership – a sign that the bearer belongs to someone. It serves as a reminder of responsibility, rights, duties and loyalty to the other. The value of a wedding ring is not in its materials, whether it be gold, silver, jewels or diamonds – as long as there is an honest love, and a true loyalty of the bearers.

So, would there be something bad if I lose my wedding ring?

In fact, for some reasons, a lot of couples DO lose their wedding ring. A lot of couples worries that this is a bad luck for their marriage. Well, that is just not the case. The meaning of the ring is to symbolize the bond between two people, so losing the ring itself does not affect anything. What is important is that the love between them is real, and the vow of loyalty is honored.

There is no proof that losing the wedding ring brings hardship to marriage. Above all, we should bear in mind that it is the power of love that brings up the good things in marriage life.

What do people say about losing the wedding ring?

“Guys, don’t overthink it. I have a friend, who took off her ring when she got pregnant, and put inside a bag along with other stuff. When they cleaned the house, they forgot there is a ring inside, and they thought that the bag contains unimportant stuffs. So they threw it away. When they recalled it, it was already a month after :<< Well, it was many years ago, and now they are still as happy as ever, and they have even got a second child! So, guys, really, don’t worry anymore!”

– user ‘botxaphong’, from sotaychame.com

“My husband put off his ring when he did the gardening, and completely forgot where he put it. I had gone mad, while he still grinned, “haha, saves me the trouble of putting it on and off doing the gardening”. I made him go buy a new one the next day, and told him that, if he loses it again, I will make him go buy another, and probably with a big diamond on it. (so that he will pay it some attention haha). Anyway, it was 3 years ago. We have 2 kids now.” – user mimiampampmina, from sotaychame.com

You see, losing the ring is not as serious as somebody might think. If it happens, you should go make another one. And, above all, it is love – true love, honest love – that leads marriage through all hardships and challenges that we may face in life. As long as there is love, there is nothing to worry.