How to make a wedding invitation via phone

Nowadays, aside from traditional wedding invitation by cards or by meeting personally, many people choose to make a phone call. So, how to make a wedding invitation phone call so that it shows respect and please the invitee? The following article helps you solve this question!

When to invite via phone?

The whole society is becoming busier with jobs and life. That’s why many couples feels extremely stressful when it comes to wedding preparation, especially the sending out invitation part. The solution many choose to adopt is to invite via phone, or a Facebook message, or an email, etc.

While doing so is indeed convenient, it implies that the about-to-marry couple don’t have time to make the invitation in person (of course, unless if the person who is invited lives very far away). To some people, this might imply a perfunctory attitude, disrespect and impoliteness. However, most people take it easily, for they don’t care about the formality as much as HOW the invitation is made. The best “how to” here is to invite with true care and politeness.

Who to invite via phone?

Remember: not everyone should be invited via phone. This method might be convenient for you, but it might bring discomfort to some people. People who you can safely invite via phone are:

-          Family and close relatives

-          Close friends

-          People who are far away

How to invite via phone?

One important question is: which channel should the invitation be made? Would it be via phone, Facebook message, or email?

In fact, all of them are employed flexibly by many couples. For friends, you can message them on Facebook, because more or less they have already known that you guys are getting married. To family members and relatives, who are about the same age as you are, you can also send messages. To elderlies, or some higher level people at work, however, you should make phone calls to talk to them directly. Speak to them politely, and clearly announce your wedding, and show them that it is your honor to have them joining the ceremony. Don’t forget to mention the reason why you can’t meet them in person to deliver the invitation to gain their understanding and empathy.

The next thing to make sure when inviting via phone is that they know exactly WHERE the wedding is. You should mention the address clearly and unmistakably. You should even take photos of the wedding address and send to them. In fact, there have been occasions where the invitees got to the wrong place and grew a very discomfort to the couple. Don’t make your happy day become someone’s discomfort.

When to make the phone invitation?

A rule of thumb for wedding invitation, either by phone, via sending out cards or meeting in person, is at least two weeks before the wedding. Make it very clearly the time and the address. If the wedding has a dress code, mention explicitly as well. About 1 week to the day, you should once again remind everyone.

Nowadays, a wedding invitation via phone is no longer a big deal. In fact, it is not what method you use, but how you do it. A wedding invitation that shows politeness as well as true care and respect needs some preparation. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether or not you can apply this method of invite. If you can make it in person, you should do so: it shows both care and respect you have for the person you are inviting.